The Centre needs to be notified when a child has any special needs, asthma or anaphylaxis or other disabilities so that the appropriate action can be taken.


Due to our staffing ratios and facilities, all children must be toilet trained before commencing with us, unless a special agreement is made with staff. 


Those children in the transition stage should wear “pull ups”, so that they can be easily assisted with toileting. This would be considered a short-term solution only and we would ask that staff be advised if your child falls in this category prior to commencing.


Whilst we encourage the children to be independent, we understand that the children are only young and accidents do happen. The staff are always willing to offer their assistance and encouragement where required.  Please take the time to read our Toileting Policy prior to completing your Expression of Interest.


Parents/Guardians of children who are not yet three at commencement of the term may request a Readiness Check List for their child and make an appointment with the Educational Leader who will assess their readiness to start with an interview. If both parent and Nominated Supervisor are satisfied on reasonable grounds that it is developmentally appropriate for the child to be treated as a three year old they will sign an agreement form to record the decision and set a starting date. A ratio of four children under 3 at any one time in a group of 20 is our recommendation.




To ensure consistency the following procedure will be followed for all new applicants:


All families will need to complete an Expression of Interest form. This form is available by clicking on the hyperlink, by visiting the office of the centre or by telephoning and giving details to the Office Manager.


A child’s name is considered to be registered on the waiting list when the Expression of Interest form has been completed and submitted and preference of placement is on the date of the application.


Completion of the Expression of Interest form does not guarantee a place in the program. At all times the Kindergarten will endeavour to allocate places fairly - please accept this in good faith. Those on the waiting list may contact the office to review their progress on the waiting list at any time. Parents/guardians wishing to withdraw their waiting list application are requested to let the Office Manager know as soon as possible.


Families on the waiting list will be advised that it is their responsibility to ensure they keep their details up to date.


Siblings of children who have previously attended the centre will be given priority for their eligible year of attendance, provided the Expression of Interest form has been completed and submitted. Any outstanding fees owing [from previous children] must also be rectified before priority enrollment is considered. Siblings may also include permanent foster children.


To ensure complete understanding of the Woodlupine Family Centre 3 Year Old Kindergarten’s policy regarding enrollment all families applying for access to the Program will be provided with a copy of this policy if required, as outlined below:


  • When applying in person at the centre a copy will be offered to them.

  • Enrolment Policy




Places will be allocated to children who are on the waiting list in accordance with the selection and eligibility criteria outlined above, and as determined by the Management Committee taking into account when the child turns three and if they are toilet trained, able to communicate and participate in the program.


When enrolling children, names will be taken from the waiting list in strict accordance with the child’s date of placement on the waiting list. In the event that there are no children on the current waiting list children will be able to start the kindy program when they are ready as long as the child is already three years of age or have completed a Readiness Check List and have had their interview with the teacher. This may include starting part way through the term.


Contact may be made by telephone to confirm a place and the following information will be posted out to families in term three along with an invitation to attend the Open Day/Orientation Day in term 4:



Once a place is offered to a child, the parent or guardian must confirm acceptance of the offer by sending in the enrollment form with the deposit or visiting the office within the time frame specified in the letter of offer and a receipt will been issued. Photocopying of the birth certificate and immunisation records can be done at the office.


If the family does not want the place at that particular time, they may choose to remain on the waiting list for another placement. If no contact has been received by Woodlupine Family Centre 3 Year Old Kindy in relation to the offer, given the above time frames, then it may lapse and the place may be offered to the next child on the waiting list.




Upon enrolment, families will be given an acceptance package that will include:

  • A Parent Handbook

  • Kindy routines

  • Invitation to visit the Kindy whilst in session to see the Kindy in action during term 4.

  • Appointments will be made for families to orient their child, bring in paperwork, pay deposits and purchase kindy t-shirts.


Commencement date will be the date agreed on at the time of the enrollment and fees will be payable from this date. A holding fee of $10.00 per session will apply if the child does not start at the beginning of the term. This holding fee is non refundable and is in addition to the Kindy fees calculated from the start date during the term.


Families are required to give 2 weeks’ notice in writing of their intention to withdraw their child from the Kindergarten or pay fees in lieu of notice. This will also apply to families who withdraw from a place prior to their child’s official commencement date.


Parents will be made aware that initial enrollment is valid until the end of the current calendar year.


It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to ensure that the 3 YO Kindy is notified of all changes to contact phone numbers, addresses, emergency contacts, persons authorised to collect the child, etc. This information can be updated by contacting the Woodlupine Family Centre 3 Year Old Kindy and editing the enrollment form.

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