Woodlupine Family Centre 3 Year Old Kindy is a community based, non-profit organisation for children aged 3 years, from 1st July the previous year to 30th June in the year of participation in the program. This program is held in the Woodlupine Family Centre, 88 Hale Road, Forrestfield  WA  6058, which is run by the Woodlupine Family Centre Management Committee.


Woodlupine Family Centre 3 Year Old Kindy believes in maintaining strong community and family connections across generations of “Kindy families” whilst offering a transparent, fair and equitable waiting list procedure. The aim is to ensure that the enrolment process proceeds smoothly and meets the needs of the child, family and the 3 Year Old Kindy and to ensure that the parent/guardian is given all necessary forms to complete and is made aware of and understands all Woodlupine Family Centre 3 Year Old Kindy Policies and Procedures.


Woodlupine Family Centre 3 Year Old Kindy is entitled to claim the Child Care benefits by issuing a receipt for Registered Child Care to parents for short term hours for children enrolled at our Centre. This funding is only provided to eligible aged children (turning 3 by June 30 in the year they attend the 3 year old kindergarten. 


Whilst all Child Care based programmes must follow the Framework and National Quality Standards we differ from a Day Care program in that focus is on the play and learning experiences that occur in a short block of time.


We have a ratio of 1:10 with a maximum of 20 children per session.


It is important that your child is "ready" for our program. This means that they are able to dress and manage going to the toilet most by themselves and make themselves mostly understood, are exctied and interested in new experiences and are able to separate from parents and carers without too much difficulty.


Of course we always try to be flexible and will help and support children and families as much as possible.


What is 3 Year Old Kindy?




FEES FOR 2018/19:

Fees for 3 our session:

9.30am to 12.30pm

$290.00 per term or

Discounted to $280.00 per term if paid upfront.

Fees for 4.5 hours session:

9.30am to 2.00pm

$425.00 per term or

Discounted to $410.00 per term if

paid upfront.

Discounts apply to twins

Committee members can also receive discount

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